GCR: 4219501000 | P.R.N 12114


Orangefresh brought to the Greek market new juicer technologies. It has collaborations with big companies abroad in the field of professional juicers.


We provide the best cooperation conditions. We have complete cooperation packages for you regarding the sale of used and new juicers or the loan system or the sale of spare parts from all foreign companies.

Means of transport

Orangefresh has privately owned means of transport for receipt by producers and immediate delivery to its customers.

Juicer Service

Our company with many years of experience and its experienced staff is the only one that undertakes service throughout the Attica basin and can carry out any repair on the entire range of juicers or complete reconstruction with absolute professionalism within 48 hours on site you or at our facilities, with the possibility of providing the customer with another juicer for replacement, until the end of the maintenance work. We undertake the service of all automatic professional juicers from all parts of Greece and abroad!!! Don’t hesitate to ask us!


Our Company since 2014 implements a certified Food Safety Management System according to the ISO 22000: 2018 standard regarding the washing, sorting, packaging, and handling of oranges.



We undertake the service of all juicers immediately and specialized with full professionalism.


Receipt of products

After receiving the products, the process of sorting by high-tech and precision machines begins.


Product sorting

Screening processes focus not only on product quality but also on product size screening.



Finally, they are weighed and packaged with automated procedures.